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7 Jul 2017 Stop twiddling your thumbs and give some of these Warband mods a all of the Mount & Blade: Warband mods, the Floris Mod Pack is for you.

7 Jul 2014 Welcome to the Floris Mod Pack. This is a combination Just download the two parts, unzip it, and give the installer a swing. Floris Mod Pack

20 Sep 2010 Here you can download the Floris Mod Pack from different locations. Awesome, i will deffinatly try this out when i get back to Warband, BIG 

Native gameplay, within the Calradia setting, with a strong emphasis for improving convenience, gameplay and adding new options (such as quests) to the overall M&B: Warband experience. Experience Calradia like never before in an unprecedented 'open-world' style RPG with persistent troop names, unique factions, stunning visuals - and no overworld map. The choice is yours. A small mod that adds decapitations to the normal Warband campaign, and places dismemberable enemies into Looter, Bandit, and Peasant parties. If you've ever wondered what King Harlaus would look like without a head, this is the mod for you… Warsword Conquest is a mod for Mount & Blade: Warband created by a team led by del. It transports the game into the fantasy setting from Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe. Each serial key can activate M&B twice in a 60-day period. The game may need to be re-authenticated if your computer hardware changes.

Welcome to Kingdom. A modification for Mount&Blade;: Warband. This mod takes Caraldia to the reality of 15th century Europe. The mod currently requires Warband 1.168 and it is to be considered in beta stage. "Scaedumar" means something like shadow - tales. Its a made-up word based on old scandinavien language The goal of this mod is to polish native game-play. It provides graphical and game-play changes for both early game play and mid to end… Evlat is a quest expansion mod with a main story. Your two children are your companions throughout the game. All of the other companions in Calradia are in various roles and they give you new quests. Rome at War is a total conversion modification for Mount & Blade: Warband set in 300 B.C., 23 years after the death of Alexander the Great.The mod supports both Single and Multiplayer and requires your Warband version to be at least 1.161+ Mount & Blade 2019 - Warband is truly the Best RPG released ever. Well, check out 19+ Best Warband Mods that can make the experience even better. Should I remove Mount & Blade: Warband by Taleworlds Entertainment? Mount & Blade: Warband is the first sequel to the action role-playing video game Mount & Blade. This guide will show you how to install a Mount and Blade: Warband Mod for Steam and non-Steam users.

A mod developed by Vornne based on M&B warband engine which is designed to create a realistic medieval world including a faction system with build-in diplomacy and a full economy with a harvesting/crafting/selling system. Roan Khergits is an experimental project that focuses on horse archery and againmassacring Calradia. But here is the twist - you have entire horde of Roan Khergits that you are supposed to ride with. Legacy of Romaroth is a brand new Module for Mount and Blade Warband. This is a total conversion low fantasy module. This mod takes place in the fictional continent only known as Romaroth. Overhaul for Mount&Blade; Warband single player that moves Calradia to a crusade theme. It features some of the most popular submods such as Diplomacy, Custom Commander, Freelancer, Pre-battle Orders & Deployment, Tournament Play… World Map HD v1.2 is a texture pack changing visual appeal of Mount & Blade's main map. Follow me on Twitter! @ My first playthrough of this was messy inconsistent and unfinished, with this playthrough i hope to get to the end before M&B 2 releases.

Tired of being called to King Harlaus' feasts in the middle of a war? Then check out our list of Mount and Blade Warband mods.

What is persistent Europe? Persistent Europe is a mod based off of the Persistent Worlds module. Persistent Europe is a mod based off in the 1200AD-1400AD there are many key events that are taking place including the 100 year war, Black… This module is based on PW 4.4 and tries to convert the GoT universe into M&B Warband. A lot of new models/items/scripts will be the main point in it. We are also trying to extend the roleplaying sense in the module but only at much as… The Throne Conquest aims to improve the medieval and realistic aspect of Mount & Blade : Warband with native compilation. This improvement comes from additions and modifications concerning several aspects of the game, ranging from new… News: 31.12.2018 - Adjusted the improved battle scenes. The spawn points are farther from the map borders; 30.12.2018 - Added Bariyye: all Sarranid towns done; 17.07.2017 - Overhauled Nords towns; updated Vaegir and Swadian towns… NOTE: This mod was canceled. SRP2 is the second version of ShogunRP, a mod originally made by Ramaraunt that takes Persistent World mod into a Japanese setting. In this new version updated by me (Lockethot), you can always play on the…

Legacy of Romaroth is a brand new Module for Mount and Blade Warband. This is a total conversion low fantasy module. This mod takes place in the fictional continent only known as Romaroth.

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A mod with historical content and a scenario. Release date unknown.

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